Best VPN for China

Best VPN for China

What is the best VPN to use in China? As someone who has lived in China since 2005 and uses VPNs every day, this is a question that I am qualified to answer. Here are the top VPNs for China that are still working well in September 2021. Latest China VPN Updates China’s VPN crackdown … Read more

StrongVPN Alternatives for China

StrongVPN used to work very well in China many years ago. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case today. Here is the good news. There are several alternatives to StrongVPN that work better in China. All of these StrongVPN alternatives come with a money back guarantee so you can try all of them risk-free! WannaFlix … Read more

ExpressVPN Review for China Users

Review Summary Speed (2.5) Reliability (2.0) Support (1.5) Security and Encyption (5.0) Money Back Guarantee (5.0) Overall Rating 3.2 ExpressVPN was once the best VPN for China, but unfortunately that is no longer the case today. Although ExpressVPN still works in China, the overall performance has been getting worse and worse throughout 2020. Since ExpressVPN … Read more

Astrill VPN Alternatives for China

Here is a list of good alternatives to Astrill VPN that work well in China. Unlike Astrill VPN, which does not offer a money back guarantee for users in China, all of these VPNs for China come with a money back guarantee so you can get a full refund if you are not satisfied. WannaFlix … Read more Review from China – May 2017 Updated

In the first half of 2016, used to be my favorite VPN for China but recently I am not really satisfied with the performance of the servers of any of the VPN servers when connecting from China Telecom. Currently, I am using ExpressVPN Hong Kong 3 / Hong Kong 4 as my main every … Read more

Is ExpressVPN’s hassle-free money back guarantee really hassle-free?

One of my friends signed up with ExpressVPN a few months ago. He had a very specific requirement of watching UK streaming TV and he found that ExpressVPN was not good in this regard. Their UK servers were not fast enough for reliable streaming.  I recommended to him because they have a special unofficial unadvertised feature that enables you to … Read more

Witopia Review

Witopia was the main VPN that I used in China from 2009 to 2015. I was generally happy with it until it became very slow and unreliable in 2016. The poor performance of Witopia is what encouraged me to find the best VPNs for China and create this website. Although their VPN performance is not good anymore, … Read more