How to order from Amazon USA in China

Although there is a local version of Amazon in China, it is not very popular here due to the limited selection of items. Did you know that you can order certain items from the US version and ship your items to China, often for a reasonable fee? It can be a little tricky … Read more

How to shop on iHerb from China

iHerb is a great website for ordering products from the USA with free or cheap shipping to China. Here are some tips for shopping on iHerb as a foreigner living in China. Make sure you are on the China site If you go to iHerb website, you will be directed to the sub-site of the … Read more

Tips for Renting an Apartment in China

Throughout my years in China I have rented 6 different apartments. Here are 5 tips to help you when renting an apartment. Note – This article is written based on my own experience in Guangdong province. You may find things are different in other cities. For example the deposit amount and agency commission might not … Read more

How to get a Driver’s License in China – The Legal Way

International Driving Permit (IDP) is not accepted in China. However, you can get a Chinese drivers license quite easily if you have a valid license from another country. The basic requirements to get a license in China are: A valid (non-expired) driver’s license from another country. A valid Chinese visa or resident’s permit with the … Read more

How to Open a Bank Account in China

It is now much more difficult than it used to be to open a bank account in mainland China. The days of walking into any bank with nothing but your passport and instantly getting an account opened are long gone. Not only in China, but it seems like there is a global trend of increased … Read more

How to Open a Bank Account in Hong Kong

Although not as easy as opening a bank account in mainland China, opening a bank account in Hong Kong is also relatively easy if you have a “good passport.” A good passport is one from USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Western Europe, etc. If you have a “shitty passport” then you can still open a bank … Read more


WeChat cartoon image

If you are planning to visit or live in China then Wechat is an essential app to install. Almost literally everybody in China uses Wechat. Wechat is an instant messaging app similar to Whatsapp and Line. You can send voice messages, text messages, photos, videos, etc as well as make voice and video calls. There … Read more

Funny Questions from the China Driver’s License Written Exam

I recently put some instructions on this website about how to get a driver’s license legally in China. When I was thinking about the process I was reminded of some of the funny questions from the written exam. I saved some of the questions that I thought were the most funny. This is not a … Read more