Funny Questions from the China Driver’s License Written Exam

I recently put some instructions on this website about how to get a driver’s license legally in China. When I was thinking about the process I was reminded of some of the funny questions from the written exam. I saved some of the questions that I thought were the most funny. This is not a joke, these were the real questions on from the test at the time I took it. The person who is addicted to drug taking and injection may apply for a motorized
vehicle driving license when he is not overwhelmed by drug addiction.
Answer: Wrong When rescuing the injured, it is necessary to ________.
A. Save life first and treat the wounds later
B. Treat the wounds first and safe life later
C. Help the slightly wounded persons first
D. Help the seriously wounded persons later
Answer: A If the vehicle to be overtaken has no space for overtaking, the driver should ______.
A. Voluntarily give up overtaking
B. Overtake by force
C. Honk to urge the vehicle to move to the roadside
D. Overtake with care
Answer: A The motorized vehicle driver __________________.
A. May drive at will when there is no traffic signal
B. Should drive according to the traffic rules and in a safe and courteous manner
C. May drive at will when there is no traffic police
D. May drive according to his habit
Answer: B When the police car, fire engine, ambulance and wrecker are executing an
emergency task, other vehicles _____________________.
A. May speed up and join them
B. May overtake with care
C. May yield depending on circumstances
D. Should yield
Answer: D When causing a road accident involving human casualties, the driver should
____________, and report to the traffic police on duty or the traffic control department
of the public security organ as soon as possible.
A. Immediately rescue the injured people
B. Move the vehicle to a safe place rapidly
C. Leave the scene and discuss compensation on his own
D. Check the vehicle damage first
Answer: A

A professional repair enterprise may change the model number, engine number and the
chassis number of a motorized vehicle.
Answer: Wrong

A small motorized vehicle may overtake a police car performing an emergency task.
Answer: Wrong Painting and pasting signs or advertisements on the motorized vehicles should observe the
principle that _________.
A. The painting and pasting can be done at will
B. The painting and pasting are mainly for artistic consideration
C. The painting and pasting should not affect safe driving
D. The painting and pasting should be done according to customer requests
Answer: C When a motorized vehicle has motorized vehicles stopping and waiting in line in front,
the vehicle should _______________.
A. Weave through the vehicles in front from both sides
B. Overtake the vehicles in front from the left side
C. Overtake the vehicles in front from the right side
D. Queue up
Answer: D When another driver asks directions while driving, the driver should _________.
A. Ignore it
B. Answer with patience
C. Find an excuse to reject
D. Answer for a pay
Answer: B When discovering traffic congestion ahead while driving, the driver should ________.
A. Find a chance to overtake the vehicle in front
B. Weave through other vehicles
C. Reduce speed, stop and wait in line
D. Honk to urge other vehicles
Answer: C When having a contradiction or dispute with other people, the driver should ______.
A. Let off his emotions when driving
B. Drive with emotions
C. Drive in a rage
D. Calm down before driving again
Answer: D When driving on a road, the driver should control the speed according to _____ and drive
safely within the specified scope.
A. His experience
B. Speedometer reading
C. His feeling
D. Roadside reference objects
Answer: B When two vehicles cross each other, the drivers should drive close to the central line of the
road in advance so as to prevent the opposite vehicle from occupying too much road
Answer: Wrong When encountering another vehicle having a traffic accident and urgently needing help to
send the injured persons, the driver should reject the request and let them wait the
ambulance with patience.
Answer: Wrong When following a vehicle on the road, the distance from the vehicle in front is not
important. As long as the driver goes forward at the same speed as the vehicle in front
does, he can avoid rear-end collision.
Answer: Wrong When passing a no-horn road section where the pedestrians fail to yield, the driver should
honk intermittently to remind them to yield.
Answer: Wrong When encountering a flock of sheep crossing a road, the driver should _______.
A. Honk continuously to drive away the flock
B. Speed up and bypass the flock
C. Drive slowly and use the vehicle to scare away the flock
D. Reduce speed and go slowly, or stop to yield when necessary
Answer: D When encountering drunk pedestrians on the road, the driver should _______.
A. Honk to warn
B. Swiftly bypass from one side
C. Reduce speed and go slowly, while maintaining a sufficient horizontal distance
D. Follow closely
Answer: C Before driving a vehicle to a road, the driver should buckled up, the main aim being to
A. Avoid the punishment of the administrative department
B. Fix the seating place
C. Force the back against the chair
D. Effectively protect the body when there is a collision or emergency braking
Answer: D With regard to the driver who cannot control his behaviors after drinking, the traffic police
may ______ on the spot.
A. Impose a fine
B. Detain the driver
C. Use restraining police equipment
D. Criticize and educate
Answer: C

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  1. Thats funny, i am from UK but live in China…apparently the answer to every question is to honk as much as you can the entire time the engine is running