Privacy Policy of Tips for China

This website collects some personal data from its visitors.

Analytics Data

This website uses Google Analytics to analyse how visitors interact with the site. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect information in an anonymous form. No personally identifiable information is collected.

Visit this page for further information about how Google uses this information.

Third Party Tracking

If you have read my article about ways to protect your privacy online, you will know that I don’t agree with third party tracking. I will never use tracking pixels other tools that track visitors outside of this website.

However, some embedded content from other providers may track your interactions with this website. For example, some pages have embedded YouTube videos that Google will track your interaction with. Some pages have social sharing buttons that Facebook, Linkedin, etc will track your interaction with.

To avoid third party tracking, I recommend disabling third party cookies in your browser settings. Or you can use a privacy focused browser such as Brave that disables this type of tracking by default (and blocks ads too).

If you have any questions or concerns about the data collected on this website, please contact me using the below email address.

James Brown