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My name is James and I have been living in China since 2005. I'm an online shopaholic and a VPN enthusiast. I created this website to share useful tips for anyone living in China, planning to move to China, travelling in China, or planning to travel in China. 

One of the things that I hate the most about living in China is the speed and quality of the internet. I have tested almost all of the major providers to find out who has the best VPN service for users in China

If you find anything interesting or useful here, please consider supporting this website by using any of my affiliate links. This will not cost you anything, and I am only recommending services that I have used myself and would recommend to my friends. In most cases you will also get a discount or special offer by using my affiliate links, so you will actually pay less.

Many pages of this site have a comments section at the bottom, please leave your comments, questions, and suggestions there.