Is ExpressVPN’s hassle-free money back guarantee really hassle-free?

One of my friends signed up with ExpressVPN a few months ago. He had a very specific requirement of watching UK streaming TV and he found that ExpressVPN was not good in this regard. Their UK servers were not fast enough for reliable streaming. 

I recommended to him because they have a special unofficial unadvertised feature that enables you to watch geo-restricted streaming services regardless of which server location you connect to. Using he was able to watch UK streaming services from any server, not having to rely on the small selection of UK servers of other VPN services.

So is the money back guarantee really hassle-free? Decide for yourself, the chat transcript is shown below. It seems hassle-free to me! If you want to try ExpressVPN (highly recommended if you are in China) then you don’t have to worry about any problems getting a refund.

Text of chat transcript:
Visitor: Hello Robby, my account is Withheld. I've been testing Express VPN for 5 days with the desired usage being streaming from the UK, it hasn't been good enough and after speaking with your chat twice (they've been very helpful) we've never been able to get it good enough for me, I would like to close my account and have my money back as per the hassle-free 30-day money-back guarantee. Robby: Sorry to know that it didn't work well for you. Robby: I have gone ahead and forwarded your cancel and refund request to our billing department. Please wait for 5-7 business days for this to get processed.