ExpressVPN Review for China Users

Review Summary

Speed (2.5)
Reliability (2.0)
Support (1.5)
Security and Encyption (5.0)
Money Back Guarantee (5.0)
Overall Rating

ExpressVPN was once the best VPN for China, but unfortunately that is no longer the case today. Although ExpressVPN still works in China, the overall performance has been getting worse and worse throughout 2020.

Since ExpressVPN stopped providing a China accessible website for China VPN users, it’s now much more difficult to get quick support when the VPN isn’t connecting.

Although ExpressVPN is lacking in performance and support for China users, it is still one of the best options for security with strong encryption and a good kill switch. The 30 day no-hassle money back guarantee is the best in the industry. No obscure terms and conditions.

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  1. I completely agree and second James’ review. I used to have 2 accounts with them because they are always fast and reliable and even if I have any problems I will simply chat with their support, when it was staffed by real knowledgeable engineers, and would solve my problems. For the last 6 months, their speed has really suffered, servers hard to connect, and now their support are your typical dumb-support that forces you to do novice steps and flat out tell you “we’ve exhausted what we can do” and refuse to escalate to an actual engineer that actually knows what to do besides following a script. Do not waste any money on ExpressVPN, I really think they have given up on the China market due partly to competition but mostly to their unreliability. Shame.