July 29, 2016 - Fastest Asian VPN servers for China- Ironsocket vs ExpressVPN vs VPN.ac

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Recently I discovered a new VPN that I am highly recommending for advanced VPN users. Ironsocket has a very fast server in Taiwan that I have been testing recently. I am getting faster speeds than I have ever tested with any VPN in China. However they don't have any apps, you can only connect using the PPTP or L2TP settings in your OS or using a third party OpenVPN client. This server is not the most reliable either, I have only tested it for a few days and it was already been down for a few hours once. I don't recommend it as your only VPN but the price is so low it's certainly worth adding it as second VPN if you don't mind not having fancy apps to make your VPN connections. They also have good servers in Japan and South Korea with low latency connections to China Telecom. The best feature of Ironsocket is their DNS Proxy (Smart DNS) that allows you to watch USA Netflix in China without a VPN. That alone is worth the price for this VPN.

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I am using Viscosity which I believe is the best third party OpenVPN client. There is a 30 day free trial after which it will cost you $9 for license. Well worth it in my opinion, it's much better than other OpenVPN clients I have tried.

Ok, let's get started!

Ironsocket Taipei S1 OpenVPN UDP

Ironsocket Taipei 71.21M download speed 33ms ping time

Wow! That was fast! Good latency too, only 33ms! Lets see if any other VPN can match that speed.

ExpressVPN Hong Kong 3 OpenVPN TCP

ExpressVPN Hong Kong 3 10.69M download 16ms latency

Good latency but not very impressive download speed.

Now this is where things get interesting. The Ironsocket Taipei server tested above is hosted on HiNet. ExpressVPN also has a Taipei server hosted on HiNet. Lets see what kind of speed we can get from ExpressVPN Taipei.

ExpressVPN Taipei 1 OpenVPN UDP (was faster than TCP for this server)

ExpressVPN Taipei 1 download 31.96M latency 37ms

Not bad speed but still less than half the speed of Ironsocket. I have a theory about why Ironsocket is faster even though these 2 servers have the same host. I think it's because ExpressVPN is more popular so their servers have more people using them and are more overloaded. Ironsocket is a relatively unknown VPN provider, probably much less people using this server. The price of Ironsocket is less than half of ExpressVPN. With ExpressVPN if you are paying a premium for their apps and 24/7 technical support. If you don't need those things then I think you know what is a better deal.

Finally lets test my favorite server from VPN.ac.

VPN.ac Hong Kong 1 OpenVPN TCP

VPN.ac Hong Kong 1 20.80M download 17ms latency

Faster download speed than ExpressVPN Hong Kong 3 but not as fast as the Taiwan servers from ExpressVPN or Ironsocket.

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