Speed and Latency - ExpressVPN vs VPN.AC vs VyprVPN

April 17, 2016

Welcome back to speed testing. Due to unexpected events I have been very busy recently and have not had any time for VPN testing. Speed testing is back and ExpressVPN is back too!

Last night I decided to buy a one year subscription for ExpressVPN. During the previous speed tests I was using a free 1-month test account given to me for the purposes of writing a review for this website. Despite the high cost for average download speeds I decided to pay $100 of my own money for ExpressVPN because of one server and it's extremely low latency. I am talking about the "Hong Kong 3" server. So far I have not been able to find anything else to match the latency of this Hong Kong 3 server and I was starting to miss the fast web browsing experience that comes with this low latency. I am using it on my router as well now and it's working quite well. I still think VPN.AC is the best deal available but if you are willing to pay for 2 VPNs then ExpressVPN is highly recommended (especially if you are using iOS). Remember that VPN.AC has a 7 day money back guarantee and ExpressVPN has a very generous 30 day money back guarantee so you can try both of these great VPN services risk free for 7 days and 30 days respectively. Check this page for the latest VPN promotions and discounts.

Today I am going to test the ExpressVPN Hong Kong 3 server and then try to find a server on VPN.AC or VyprVPN that can match the low latency. I am testing latency in 3 ways.

1. As measured by speedtest.dslreports.com. There is no test server in Hong Kong, the latency results are from Taiwan, Singapore, and Tokyo. I will record the lowest of the three.

2. Ping www.google.com. Command prompt ping command, record average ping time.

3. Ping www.baidu.com. Command prompt ping command, record average ping time.

ExpressVPN vs VPN.AC Ping Times  

The Results

Server DL Speed (Mb/s) UL Speed (Mb/s) Speed Test Latency (ms) Google ping (ms) Baidu ping (ms)
ExpressVPN - Hong Kong 3 15.16 3.17 46 18 20
VPN.AC China Users Hong Kong 1 - OpenVPN ECC UDP (UDP) 9.21 3.25 212 433 380
VPN.AC China Users Hong Kong 1 - PPTP 19.08 3.97 201 230 245
VPN.AC China Users Hong Kong 1 - L2TP/IPSec 5.9 4.11 233 283 242
VPN.AC China Users Hong Kong 3 - PPTP 0.283 0.759 312 359 n/a
VPN.AC China Users Sinagpore - PPTP 1.46 0.844 242 384 327
VPN.AC China Users Hong Kong PPTP Only 14.06 4 209 291 244
VPN.AC Secure.Proxy Tokyo 21.5 4.82 57 n/a n/a
VPN.AC Secure.Proxy Tokyo 21.92 4.44 56 n/a n/a

Download and Upload Speed

expressvpn vs vpn.ac speed test results download and upload speed  

Latency (lower is better)

latency vpn.ac vs expressvpn fastest ping  

Below are the details of the tests. VyprVPN was not included in the results due to the reasons shown below.


Hong Kong 3 - OpenVPN (UDP)

ping www.google.com - average 18ms

ping www.baidu.com - average 20ms


China Users Hong Kong 1 - OpenVPN ECC (UDP)

ping www.google.com - average 433ms

ping www.baidu.com - average 380ms

China Users Hong Kong 1 - PPTP

ping www.google.com - average 230ms

ping www.baidu.com - average 245ms

China Users Hong Kong 1 - L2TP/IPSec

ping www.google.com - average 283ms

ping www.baidu.com - average 242ms

China Users Hong Kong 3 - PPTP

ping www.google.com - average 359ms

ping www.baidu.com - "ping could not find the host www.baidu.com"

China Users Sinagpore - PPTP

ping www.google.com - average 384ms

ping www.baidu.com - average 327ms

China Users Hong Kong PPTP Only

ping www.google.com - average 291ms

ping www.baidu.com - average 244ms

I tried all of the VPN.AC Secure.Proxy Asian locations but stopped the speed test as soon as I saw a high latency. I only let the test finish if the latency was under 150ms. I can't ping google and baidu with the command prompt using a proxy so only speed tests results here.

VPN.AC Secure.Proxy Tokyo

VPN.AC Secure.Proxy Tokyo 3

VyprVPN by Golden Frog

Now I will try to find the best latency servers from VyprVPN. As VyprVPN software has the capability to test ping time I will not need to test so many servers. I will just try the ones with a good ping time (Hong Kong and Taiwan).

VyprVPN by golden frog ping time test in Windows software. Taiwan 57ms, Hong Kong 110ms, Vietnam 198ms, Malaysia 208ms, Thailand 214ms, Singapore 215ms  

I am having trouble uploading when using VyprVPN so I will not include the results from VyprVPN for this test today. I am have tried Chameleon 256, L2TP/IPSec, and PPTP on several server locations and every time the speed test upload test fails and I cannot get the results to post here. Actual uploads are also failing such as trying to upload images to this website. I have tried disabling the NAT firewall, disabling my Windows firewall and antivirus. The problem still persists. I have sent an email to VyprVPN support and will wait for their answer. 

When using any server of VyprVPN the upload will either timeout and fail or it will be very slow and when I try to click "Results + Share" I get an error message "something went wrong - results were not posted."

Vyprvpn by golden frog something went wrong dslreports speed test upload failed 

speed test results upload fail vyprvpn