VPN BitTorrent P2P (Torrent) Speed Test - VPN.AC vs ExpressVPN vs VyprVPN vs StrongVPN - March 20, 2016

I heard the best way of testing download speed is to download a large file using BitTrorent. Today I am downloading a 1.09GB linux distribution Ubuntu 15.10 Desktop (64-bit). If you want to try this test you can download the torrent file here. The speed is measured in kB/S (kilobytes per second) whereas most download speed tests are measured in Mb/s (megabits per second).

Keep in mind that VyprVPN keep logs of your activity so don't download any copyright material using VyprVPN. Actually, you shouldn't download anything illegal at all but be especially careful with VyprVPN.

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VPN.AC - Canada Toronto (P2P Optimized) (PPTP)

Download Time - 8:04

Average DL Speed - 2,377 kB/s (19.016 Mb/s)

VPN.AC bittorrent torrent download test stats  

ExpressVPN - Canada Toronto (OpenVPN UDP)

Download Time - 11:17

Average DL Speed - 1,699 kB/s (13.592 Mb/s)

expressvpn canada toronto bitTorrent download speed test  

VyprVPN - Canada (Chameleon 256)

Download Time - 7:01

Average DL Speed - 2,733 kB/s (21.864 Mb/s)

VyprVPN by Golden Frog torrent BitTorrent download speed test  

StrongVPN - Toronto (PPTP)

Download Time - 4:38

Average DL Speed - 4,139 kB/s (33.112 Mb/s)
StrongVPN torrent BitTorrent speed test toronto pptp  

VPN.AC - China Users Los Angeles 3 (OpenVPN ECC UDP)

Download Time - 5:59

Average DL Speed - 3,205 kB/s (25.64 Mb/s)

vpn.ac torrent bittorrent download speed test from china  

ExpressVPN - Los Angeles (PPTP)

Download Time - 11:26

Average DL Speed - 1,677 kB/s (13.416 Mb/s)
expressvpn PPTP los angeles torrent bittorrent download speed test from china  

VyprVPN - San Francisco (PPTP)

Download Time - 8:22

Average DL Speed - 2,292 kB/s (18.336 Mb/s)
VyprVPN seattle PPTP torrent bittorrent speed test from china  

StrongVPN - San Francisco (OpenVPN UDP)

Download Time - 13:41

Average DL Speed - 1,401 kB/s (11.208 Mb/s)
StrongVPN torrent BitTorrent speed test San Francisco OpenVPN