Mar 9 2016 - Windows 10 - Speed Test - VPNAC vs VyprVPN vs ExpressVPN

Fast VPN speeds are back! I guess the government has stepped down the blocking efforts. Today I'm using an html5 speed test because I wanted to include the VPNAC Secure.Proxy Chrome extension in the test. Flash based speed tests cannot be used to test proxies because flash will bypass the proxy. If you want to compare these results with your own VPN use this speed test.

What's the best VPN to use in China? It's a difficult question to answer but you can start with this page.

VPN - Location - Protocol Latency (ms) DL (Mb/s) UL (Mb/s)
ExpressVPN Los Angeles OpenVPN UDP 242 28.9 0.63
VPNAC Los Angeles OpenVPN UDP 224 33.8 1.61
VyprVPN Los Angeles Chameleon 256 229 6.43 0.15
VPNAC Secure.Proxy Los Angeles 180 27.7 4.65
ExpressVPN Singapore OpenVPN UDP 155 30.6 3.76
VPNAC Singapore OpenVPN UDP 166 35.4 2.49
VyprVPN Singapore Chameleon 256 198 24.68 0.12
VPNAC Secure.Proxy Singapore 287 11.74 0.35