Speed Test / Page Load Times - VyprVPN vs VPNAC vs ExpressVPN (Mar 1, 2016 morning)

After noticing the very fast ping time of ExpressVPN HK3 server last night I decided to do another type of test in addition to the speed test. I measured the time needed to load news.google.com and www.youtube.com using the Google Chrome page load time extension. I set this extension to "allow in incognito" and loaded the pages in an incognito window. Between each test I closed and re-opened the incognito windows. This way I could make sure that the web pages were fully loading each time and not loading anything from cache. I did not allow other extensions such as ad-blockers to run incognito to make sure I was loading the full page including advertisements.

This web page loading time test more accurately measures web browsing speed compared to only measure ping time / DL / UL speeds. In the future I will do more testing using this method and less testing using the speedtest.net.

After a while I stopped doing the speed test and only measured the page load times in order to save time and test more servers. In some cases when the pages were loading very slowly I gave up and went on to the next test server so those results are missing.

The conclusion I reached is that VPNAC PPTP only servers using PPTP gave the fastest page load times. The page load times from ExpressVPN HK3 server were not very fast even though the ping time was very low on the speed test. VPNAC OpenVPN servers were loading the pages very slowly (I tried many servers on OpenVPN trying to find a fast one).

VPN / Location

 Protocol Ping (ms) DL (Mb/s)UL (Mb/s)  Google News Load Time (s)Youtube Load Time (s) 
ExpressVPN Hong Kong HK3 (reconnect)  OpenVPN UDP 19 3.01 4.10 5.92 50.8
 ExpressVPN Hong Kong HK3OpenVPN TCP  18 9.83 2.35 10.1 48.8
 ExpressVPN Los AngelesL2TP  172 17.99 timeout 4.01 7.81
 ExpressVPN Singapore Jurong PPTP 12.1 33.8
 VPNAC PPTP Only Hong Kong PPTP 89 7.19 1.18 2.75 2.71
VPNAC Hong Kong 1  OpenVPN UDP 124 2.90 1.73 25.0
US West
 PPTP 164 19.23 4.42 3.19 3.59
 VPNAC San Francisco OpenVPN UDP24.2  26.6
 VyprVPN Hong Kong (fastest server) Chameleon 256 4.63 8.70
 VyprVPN Hong Kong (fastest server) PPTP5.37  3.75