Windows 7 - Feb 28, 2016 - Hong Kong Servers

ExpressVPN vs VPNAC vs VyprVPN

One of my Twitter followers pure turkey recommended I try the HK3 server for ExpressVPN. He was getting good speeds from Chengdu using HK3. I thought that was strange because I don't usually get goods speeds from this HK3 server on ExpressVPN even though it has the best "speed index" as tested within the ExpressVPN software. Zhuhai is much closer to Hong Kong than Chengdu so in theory I should be getting very good speeds from Hong Kong VPN servers when connecting from Zhuhai. In practice this is almost never the case. I almost always get better speeds from USA west coast servers no matter which VPN service provider I am using.

Today I decided to try the ExpressVPN HK3 server again and compare speed test results with VPNAC and VyprVPN using Hong Kong servers. Before I started I ran the speed test within the ExpressVPN software to confirm that HK3 had a good speed index for me. It rated as the best server to use of all the ExpressVPN servers worldwide.

ExpressVPN Speed Index Results

The test was done in the early afternoon China time during medium network congestion. Here are the results.

 VPN Server Download (Mb/s) Upload (Mb/s)
ExpressVPN HK3 OpenVPN
VPNAC Hong Kong OpenVPN 3.13 1.43
 VyprVPN Hong Kong Chameleon 1.11 UL Frozen*
ExpressVPN HK2 PPTP 0.62 1.75
 3.61 4.31
 VyprVPN Hong Kong PPTP 1.18UL Frozen*

*VyprVPN froze during the upload for both Chameleon and PPTP. After the test I was still connected to VyprVPN PPTP and tried uploading the above image of ExpressVPN speed index results to this site and this upload also failed (froze at 85%). I suspect this might have something to do with the "NAT Firewall" that is enabled VyprVPN, it may be blocking uploads. I can't see anywhere the options where this NAT Firewall can be disabled. I will try to find out if it can be disabled and turn it off for the next test.

I find it strange that someone in Beijing is getting good speed from ExpressVPN HK3 and I'm getting very slow speeds from Zhuhai. The distance between Hong Kong and Zhuhai is around 60km. The distance between Chengdu and Hong Kong is around 1,400km. In the 10 years I have been using VPNs in Zhuhai, China I have always got better speeds on US west coast servers compared to Hong Kong. Remember that you will get different results using different VPN providers and servers depending on which ISP you are using and which city in China you are located. The best VPN for China is the one that works the best for you in your specific situation.

As most VPN providers provide either a free trial or a money-back guarantee why not try different VPN providers and see what works the best for you. Check this page for the details of free trials and money-back guarantees of all the major VPN service providers.

Here is a tweet from the Twitter follower who is getting good speed on ExpressVPN hk3 from Chengdu.