VPN Router Speed Test - VyprVPN vs VPNAC vs ExpressVPN (Feb 27, 2016)

This morning I configured my ASUS RT-N66U for VPN connection to VyprVPN, VPNAC and ExpressVPN. The test was done on a Saturday morning from 11:00am to 12:00pm during medium network congestion. For VyprVPN I connecting using their Router App (review of this coming soon) which is very convenient for selecting servers and choosing preferred protocol. For VPNAC and ExpressVPN they don't have a Router App so I was connecting with OpenVPN by putting the settings into the VPN client on Tomato firmware. Tomato firmware allows you to configure 2 OpenVPN servers in with the built-in client so I configured one for VPNAC and the other for ExpressVPN. VyprVPN was connected using their router app. Please note that their router app does not work if your router is connecting to the internet via PPPOE (China Telecom uses PPPoE). In my setup the VPN router is connected as a subnet on my existing router. This way I have a regular WIFI without VPN on my main router and a second WIFI signal from the VPN router which "gets its internet" from the main router instead of through PPPoE. The main router uses PPPoE to connect to the internet. I will be adding detailed instructions on this site soon about how to set this up.

For VypVPN I was using Chameleon 256 and for VPNAC and ExpressVPN I was using standard OpenVPN (standard OpenVPN does not work for VyprVPN in China). I did the speed tests on my Android phone using the speedtest.net andorid app.

The tests were done on servers in Hong Kong, Los Angeles, and San Francisco (also tried San Jose for ExpressVPN but they both failed to connect). The results listed in the table below are in Chronological order.

 VPN - Location Download Speed (Mb/s) Upload Speed (Mb/s)
ExpressVPN - Hong Kong1.67 1.89
VPNAC - Hong Kong 2.57 5.33
 VyprVPN - Hong Kong 0.68 0.02
ExpressVPN - Los Angeles 3.790.33
VPNAC - Los Angeles 1.56 5.47
 VyprVPN - Los Angeles 2.55 5.02
ExpressVPN - San FranciscoFailed to connect to VPN
 ExpressVPN - San Jose Failed to connect to VPN
VPNAC - San Francisco 6.01 5.64
 VyprVPN - San Francisco 4.04 1.52
UL Speed Graph