Google Chrome Proxy in China - VPN.AC vs 12VPN

April 25, 2016 - Zhuhai, China

The previous test was invalid because I found out that 12VPN Chrome proxy was bypassing the proxy during the speed test. Normally only flash will bypass a proxy but 12VPN proxy was bypassed even with an html5 test. After doing more testing I found that the 12VPN VPNGUI software will not bypass the proxy if using OpenWEB. However if using "OpenWEB China" or the Chrome extensions the proxy will be bypassed. I contacted 12VPN support and got the following explanation.

This previous test done on April 25 was using the 12VPN VPNGUI OpenWEB which does not bypass the proxy. For VPN.AC the proxy is never bypassed unless you are using Flash.

Overall 12VPN performed better during this test (lower latency and higher download speeds).

If you want to try either of these there is a special discount available for visitors of this website. You can try both risk-free because VPN.AC has a 7 day money-back garauntee and 12VPN has a 14 day money-back guarantee. For 12VPN the money back garauntee is only available if you pay with a credit card or Paypal (not valid for Alipay or Bitcoin). If you want to use a Chinese bank card to pay for 12VPN do it via Paypal. For VPN.AC I am not aware of any restriction on the money back guarantee. It should be available for all payment methods including Alipay and Bitcoin.

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If you want to try your own testing with a proxy such as VPN.AC Secure Proxy, 12VPN Twelve for Chrome, 12VPN VPNGUI OpenWEB, or Astrill OpenWEB remember to use an html5 speed test such as and not a flash based test such as Flash will bypass web proxies so you are only testing the speed from your ISP directly, the traffic will not go through the proxy. If you are using 12VPN use the VPNGUI software in "OpenWEB" and not "OpenWEB China" because "OpenWEB China" will bypass the proxy even with an html5 test (12VPN Chrome extension will also bypass the proxy). If you are using Windows 7 you can check the Resource Monitor to make sure the speed test traffic is being routed through the proxy. The resource monitor can be found in the Windows Task Manager, Performance tab. You can also click on "Results + Share" after the test and you will see a warning message in the "Run Information" section if the proxy was bypassed.

Service - Location Latency (ms) DL (Mb/s) UL (Mb/s)
12VPN Tokyo 83 60.2 4.34
VPN.AC Tokyo 214 44.2 4.81
12VPN Freemont 208 14.63 4.66
VPN.AC San Jose 214 32.9 1.17
12VPN Frankfurt 217 23.43 4.12
VPN.AC Frankfurt 183 52.3 4.69

Proxy latency from China - VPN.AC vs 12VPN
Proxy download speed from China - VPN.AC vs 12VPN

12VPN - VPNGUI OpenWEB - Tokyo 3

VPN.AC - Secure.Proxy - Tokyo

12VPN - VPNGUI OpenWEB - Tokyo

VPN.AC - Secure.Proxy - Tokyo 2

12VPN - VPNGUI OpenWEB - Freemont (near San Jose)

VPN.AC - Secure.Proxy - San Jose 2

12VPN - VPNGUI OpenWEB - Frankfurt

VPN.AC - Secure.Proxy - Frankfurt