I Need Your Help!

Over the past month I have been on a mission to find out what is the best VPN to use in China. For me here in Zhuhai the VPNAC PPTP servers are working the best in the mornings and ExpressVPN HK3 OpenVPN is working the best in the evenings generally but not always.

I know that the performance of VPNs is very different depending on what city in China you are connecting from, the time of day, type of network you are on, and other factors. 

Please help me compile more data by doing this simple test with your VPN and recording your results in the comment section below. This will help quantify what is really the best VPN to use in China.

This test requires the Google Chrome web browser. If you don't have Google Chrome you can download it here. Now install this extension for Google Chrome to measure the time it takes to fully load each site you visit. You will see a counter in the upper right corner beside the address bar. Next enter chrome://extensions/ in your address bar and enable the option "allow in cognito" for the Page load time extension. Disable the "allow in cognito" option for all other extensions especially ad-blockers. We will loading the test pages in an incognito window and we need to fully load the pages including advertisements. Now simply right-click each link below and choose "open in link in cognito window." Alternatively you can download the URLs in a plain text file here and paste them into an incognito window. If you want to reload the page and try again make sure that you close all incognito windows to clear the cache. Try it with different servers or just try it with the VPN server of your choice that you think works the best for you.

NY Times Article

CNN Article

SCMP Article

Just load these 3 sites in an incognito window and record the page load times along with your location, the VPN your are connecting with, and any other relevant information.

Below is a video tutorial of how to set up this test