2019 VPN in China Blog - Real VPN speed tests

Happy New Year and welcome to the 2019 VPN in China blog page.

This is the page where you can find real VPN speed test results and performance testing using top recommended VPNs for China and tips for getting the best performance when using a VPN in China.

I have been testing VPNs in China extensively since 2016. This is the fourth annual VPN in China blog page.

Archive of previous VPN in China blog pages: 2016, 2017, 2018

Unless stated otherwise, all tests are done from my Guangdong China Telecom 100/20M residential internet connection.

January 27, 2019 - ExpressVPN vs VPN.ac vs NordVPN

I have some great news for ExpressVPN users to start off the new year.

Hong Kong 3 is back.

If you have been following the previous year's VPN in China blog pages, then you will know that ExpressVPN Hong Kong 3 is the best VPN server available anywhere. Hosted on Rackspace Hong Kong special China Telecom CN2 lines, this server is fast as lightning 24 hours a day. Even during the peak bandwidth congestion at 11pm. Not only does this server have CN2 routing for China Telecom, it is also directly connected to China Unicom and China Mobile.

Although ExpressVPN did a great job keeping their VPN service working in China during the great VPN crackdown of 2017, Hong Kong 3 was not one of the servers that was kept online during this time.

It feels good to finally feel the speed of Hong Kong 3 again.

ExpressVPN Hong Kong 3 OpenVPN UDP

Here are a few more of my top recommended ExpressVPN servers for China.

ExpressVPN Taiwan 3 OpenVPN UDP

ExpressVPN Hong Kong 1 OpenVPN UDP

Hong Kong 1 has stealth CN2 routing, but the speed is limited to 10Mbps. It's a good alternative if Hong Kong 3 is not working. You still get the same low latency and low packet loss, but with a slightly slower download speed.

All of the ExpressVPN links from Tips for China come with a special offer of 3 months free when you buy a new 12 month subscription. You still get the famous 30 day no hassle money back guarantee with this offer, so you can try it risk-free and get 3 months free.

On to my second favorite VPN to use in China, VPN.ac.

VPN.ac Taiwan OpenVPN XOR TCP

VPN.ac Hong Kong Kowloon OpenVPN XOR TCP

Hong Kong Kowloon is my favorite VPN server to use in China for VPN.ac. Although it lacks the China Telecom CN2 routing like ExpressVPN Hong Kong 3 and Hong Kong 1, it still performs very well most of the time. However, it will slow down sometimes especially during peak night time hours.

Finally, here is a test from NordVPN using the third party open-source OpenVPN GUI app. I prefer to use the manual OpenVPN configurations with NordVPN because the Windows app does not work good on my computer (possible conflict with other VPN apps).

NordVPN USA 2506 OpenVPN UDP via manual config

I couldn't find any NordVPN Asian servers that would connect for me today, so I tested a US server.

NordVPN doesn't come close to matching the performance of my top 2 recommended VPNs, but it does have a very big advantage.

The price.

NordVPN is always running some kind of promotion. Currently, you can get 3 years for only $107.55 (works out to $2.99 per month).