Beware of Astrill

As of October 15, 2016 all links on the Tips for China website that were pointing to Astrill will now land on this page instead. It appears that Astrill has banned my affiliate account without telling me. I don't know when this happened or what the reason is, but when I log into my Astrill account the affiliate account is gone. Perhaps they didn't like this page or this page

Whatever the reason, I am happy to say good riddance to this shitty company and remove their affiliate links from this website. 

You might not care about the way the treat their affiliates but you should know that they don't treat their customers any better.

Besides treating their customers and affiliates poorly, their VPN service has major problems in China too. Unlike other VPN companies, Astrill attracts special attention from the government in China. Their service is often blocked completely. When it does work, you can only connect with their paid add-ons or use the web proxy instead of a VPN.

Here are some top recommended VPNs that all work much better than Astrill in China. Unlike Astrill, they all offer a free trial or money back guarantee to all of their customers.

ExpressVPN - 30 day no-hassle money back guarantee for all plans (1 month, 6 months, and 12 months all come with an unconditional money back guarantee). 

Added bonus - Use this link and get an EXTRA 3 months free with the purchase of a 12 month subscription (still includes the 30 day money back guarantee). - 25% lifetime recurring discount (7 day money back guarantee).

Still want to visit Astrill? Here are some things that you should know about...

Below are some screenshots of complaints about Astrill from affiliates, customers, and former employees. You can click on each image to go to the source URL of each screenshot. 

I can't verify whether any of the claims are true, but given the large number of complaints, I think it's something that you should look into before visiting Astrill's website. Do your own research by searching for Astrill on Google, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc.

The first complaint is from another former affiliate. Lucky for me, I didn't earn anywhere near as much as this guy!

This next one is the one that bothers me the most. Given the large number of up-votes, I would expect that Astrill would have said something publicly about this if it were untrue.

If you care anything about your privacy and anonymity while using a VPN, stay far away from Astrill.

Here are some more snippets from around the web.

If you read all the way down to here and you still want to go to Astrill, here you go. Enjoy.