Best Paid Shadowsocks Services for China

As an alternative to using a VPN in China, some people prefer to use Shadowsocks instead.

One option is to make your own Shadowsocks server on a VPS.

If you don’t want to make your own Shadowsocks server, another option is to use a paid Shadowsocks service. Using a paid Shadowsocks server has many advantages over making your own server.

  • For around the same price as renting 1 single VPS server, you can get access to many different servers.
  • No need to worry about your server getting blocked by the GFW and having to buy a new one.
  • No special technical skills required to set up and maintain your own server.
  • Better anonymity by sharing the same IP address with other users.
  • Support for Netflix and torrenting (depending on the provider).

Today I am going to introduce 3 paid Shadowsocks services for China. WannaFlix12VPN, and Caonima.







Standard Price 1 Month – $9.97
6 Months – $49.95
1 Year – $83.88
1 Month – $10.99
6 Months – $53.95
1 Year – $71.88 
1 Month – $8
6 Months – $36
12 Months – $60
Tips for China
30% OFF
(first billing cycle)
 25% OFF
(first billing cycle)
# of Servers  2948 1 
VIP Servers* 3 N/AN/A 
Free TrialYesNoYes
Money Back Guarantee30 day ** 14 day *** N/A
Torrenting YesNoNo
Protocol  Shadowsocks
 Shadowsocks Shadowsocks
Performance 5 / 53 / 51 / 5

October 2019 Update

My new favorite Shadowsocks service is Surfshark. It faster and more reliable than all of the ones above.

But the setup can be a little complicated. Check this guide on how to use Surfshark Shadowsocks in China and check the 2019 China VPN blog page for the latest speed tests with Surfshark Shadowsocks servers.

Surfshark supports Netflix in 13 different countries. Connecting to non-supported countries will give you US Netflix. Unlimited simultaneous connections too.

And the best part about Surfshark is the price. Get 2 years for only $59 ($2.49/mo) with the Surfshark special deal.

* VIP servers are special servers that are connected though a forwarding server in mainland China before connecting to the end server overseas. These servers are useful if you have a re-seller ISP or an ISP with poor international bandwidth. Using these servers only requires good domestic bandwidth because the connection to overseas is made from the forwarding server.

** The WannaFlix 30 day money back guarantee is not available if you use the free trial. You can choose either the free trial or the money back guarantee, not both.

*** The 12VPN 14 day money back guarantee is not available if you pay with cryptocurrency or if you use more than 5GB of data.

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  1. They really couldn’t pick a better name for their VPN service than “caonima” LOL

    • Sorry, I forgot to update this page, will do that soon. Wannaflix is the best option, they are using v2ray which is better than Shadowsocks. If you want to try it they are offering a 30% discount for Tips for China visitors.