By: James | March 15, 2016

I decided to try the VyprVPN live chat support when all of their servers were down during the early morning hours of March 7, 2016 during the NPC meetings. The chat was completely useless and the most idiotic advice even given to me by any VPN support staff. Yes VyprVPN - the VPNs are being actively blocked by the government I'm sure that reinstalling the C++ Redistributable files will solve the problem!

I did send an email and got a more sensible reply form the email support.

Here is the transcript of my live chat.

Me: Cannot connect to anything from China right now.
Just a moment...

Sorry for the delay. We're working on getting to you as quickly as possible. If you need to run, you can contact us via email here:  Contact Support

Sorry, Frank is...

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By: James | March 14, 2016

I normally have nothing but good things to say about iHerb but I had a terrible experience with the live chat on the website. The real cause of my problem is that when shipping by China EMS you need to enter a China ID card number (身份证)for customs clearance purposes. In the end I had to cancel my order and place a new order with SF shipping but I had to remove one item that is not available to be shipped by SF Express. Check my iHerb page for more information and tips about shopping on iHerb from China.

Below is the live chat transcript from iHerb. It felt like I was talking to a bot, not a real person.

Chat transcript

Mary De Chavez Sat, 03/12/16 07:59:54 pm Asia/Hong_Kong
Thank you for contacting iHerb. May I have your name please?

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By: James | February 07, 2016

I recently put some instructions on this website about how to get a driver's license legally in China. When I was thinking about the process I was reminded of some of the funny questions from the written exam. I saved some of the questions that I thought were the most funny. This is not a joke, these are real questions on from the test. The person who is addicted to drug taking and injection may apply for a motorized
vehicle driving license when he is not overwhelmed by drug addiction.
Answer: Wrong When rescuing the injured, it is necessary to ________.
A. Save life first and treat the wounds later
B. Treat the wounds first and safe life later
C. Help the slightly wounded persons first
D. Help the seriously wounded persons later

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