If you are planning to visit or live in China then Wechat is an essential app to install. Almost literally everybody in China uses Wechat.

Wechat is an instant messaging app similar to Whatsapp and Line. You can send voice messages, text messages, photos, videos, etc as well as make voice and video calls. There is a social media function called Moments where you can post photos or short video clips called Sights to share with your friends. I started using Wechat many years ago when it was first introduced before they even had an English version or Moments or Sights. It really has come a long way since then. They now have apps in many languages for Apple, Android, Windows mobile, Nokia, Symbian, and even Blackberry and they are constantly introducing new features. They even have service called Wechat Wallet that you can link with your Chinese bank card and send or receive money to/from your friends. If you want the newest version the best way to get it is to visit the official Wechat website and follow their links to the Play Store, Apple Store, etc.

Personally I have downgraded to version 6.2.6 for android because they removed a feature that I like in their newest update. The feature is the ability to take a Sight video by swiping down on the main chat list page when you are already at the top of the list. This is a quick way to take a Sight video and then decide after what to do with it (share to Moments, send to friend, save as draft). In the newest version there is no easy and quick way that I can find to take a Sight video.

The procedure to downgrade from a higher version was a little complicated. When I tried to install the 6.2.6 apk file over the newer version it failed. I had to uninstall the newer version first. My phone is rooted so I was able to restore my backed up data from the newer version after installing 6.2.6 using Titanium Backup. If you want the Wechat apk for version 6.2.6 you download it here.

Please leave your tips or comments for using Wechat below.

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