VyprVPN Review

I am not currently recommending VyprVPN if you are in China because their Asian servers with low latency to China are not working very well. However if you are looking for a Netflix VPN then it's my number 1 recommendation. Even if you are in China you can still use it for Netflix but you won't be able to use the Hong Kong and Taiwan servers for general VPN use. If you don't mind using USA servers then it can be a good option for China too.

Their Android and iOS apps are very nice. In fact I would say VyprVPN has the best apps of any VPN I have tried.

Tips for using VyprVPN for Netflix

  • Almost all of the USA servers I have tried are working. You shouldn't have much difficulty finding one. I would recommend using the ping test in the software to find the one with the lowest latency to your location.
  • If you are using the Android or iOS app you need to disable location services. Otherwise the app will figure out your real location and you will get the proxy error.

Tips for using VyprVPN in China

  • Chameleon and PPTP seem to work the best. L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN are not working very poorly or not at all.
  • Los Angeles and San Francisco servers tend to work the best when connecting from China.

VyprVPN Special Offers

I have several special discounts available for new customers. You can choose either 50% off your first month of a monthly plan or 40% off 1 year of VyprVPN Pro. Each offer is available with either a 3 day free trial or a 30 day money back guarantee.