By: James | March 15, 2016

I decided to try the VyprVPN live chat support when all of their servers were down during the early morning hours of March 7, 2016 during the NPC meetings. The chat was completely useless and the most idiotic advice even given to me by any VPN support staff. Yes VyprVPN - the VPNs are being actively blocked by the government I'm sure that reinstalling the C++ Redistributable files will solve the problem!

I did send an email and got a more sensible reply form the email support.

Here is the transcript of my live chat.

Me: Cannot connect to anything from China right now.
Just a moment...

Sorry for the delay. We're working on getting to you as quickly as possible. If you need to run, you can contact us via email here:  Contact Support

Sorry, Frank is busy right now. Please wait while we find someone else.

Frank: Hello 

Me: hello

Frank: What Operating System (OS) is installed on the problematic device? 

Me: Windows 7
I think it's due to China blocking VPN right now, not my computer

I can connect with other VPN such as ExpressVPN and VPNAC but not yours
error code 6026
the server could not be reach; attempted on 4 ports

Frank: I would like to have you to uninstall the C++ Redistributable files installed on your pc then install fresh from the links below. The issue with the service failing to start may be tied in with corrupt C++ files, so a fresh install of them may allow the app to launch/service to start.

After installing restart the PC and test vypr.

If the issue persists let us know.

Use those  

Me: The issue is not with service unable to start. The issue is failure to connect to your servers.
I am also unable to connect on my router

Frank: Router, how so? 

Me: I'm sure that uninstalling the C++ Redistributable files will not solve the problem
I mean I also cannot connect to your VPN using your app installed on my Tomato firmware.

Frank: Ok 
I see  
Let re-check the error.  
The C++ may be for a different error  
One moment  
The error notes port blocks or the auto port selection is timing out. You can check switch to manual port selection and check your firewall for blocks.  
With regard to the tomato issue we would need to gather info and confirm it was set up properly.  
This chat will be closing due to inactivity. If you need further assistance, feel free to reach back out to us in chat or via email. Please remember that technical support is available via chat or email 24/7 including holidays! 
Thank you for contacting us.
Chat session disconnected.

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